Posted by: Patrick | October 28, 2007

Laying Down the Rules

One post I encountered at TipidPC asks why the rules he set didn’t work on Return Receipt email notifications. Despite those years in the Lotus Notes/Domino fray which includes several mail database customizations via development, it had me scouring through the forums as helping the guy took some time.

What I didn’t realize that the Subject display in the Inbox is automatically appended with the word “Received”. Eventually I ended up looking at the Subject column of the Inbox folder’s design to confirm this. It was this post which got me looking in the right direction.

Another new mail rule stuff I encountered along the way worth including here from this post:

  • Server settings to inspect include the Allowed to use monitors and Not allowed to use monitors. For mail rules to work, the user must be included in the former and not in the latter.


  • The CalendarProfile document is what the Router server task checks in every mail database. This means that not each rule in every mail database is inspected as every new or modified rule updates the $FilterFormula_xx field in the CalendarProfile document.

Something somewhat new inspite of all those years of experience I guess.

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