Posted by: Patrick | October 13, 2007

Hello Notes/Domino World

Just an offshoot of my former blog‘s Lotus Notes/Domino stuff really. Since it seems a lot of Notes/Domino stuff have been starting to bloat up that space, I figured out that it might be start a blog for the technology’s own sake — that and the way I make use and frustrations of it along the way really.

What I have in mind right now is to lump every “interesting” detail I encounter about Notes or Domino. I see a couple of advantages towards my decision right away namely:

Easier Access to How-To’s and What-To-Do’s

Searching over the Notes/Domino DeveloperWorks forums used to be a lot of help for technical problems and clarifications from more seasoned Notes and Domino developers. Sadly the newer breed of developers rarely bother searching for a considerable amount of time. That is, a good number proceed with posting questions after little or no amount of time spent for searching similar posts in the past.

This in turn has led to more and more time alloted for searching for other unfortunate developers like me. A recent issue I encountered had me spending well around thirty to forty minutes scurrying the tons of similar search results across the forum. Back around 3 years ago when I did searches over there as well, that search time went around 5 to 15 minutes only.

Therefore I’m hoping to cut on the amount of time spent on searching the forums by documenting my issues and experiences here. That is definitely a plus for productivity if like me, you keep on coming across the same bugs and requirements from time to time and you keep asking yourself “now what did I do in this situation before again?”.

Free Help Anyone?

My altruistic sense tells me that the things I would be putting here would be able to help anyone. By how much, I’d sure be interested to find out.  Therefore I would appreciate any form of relevantly sane feedback.

If time were not an ingredient for impression on development skills then there won’t be a need for the information. If you’re anyone like me who finds his back against the wall from time to time, maybe you can find the answer here fast.

As for technical questions, I’m not promising anything as I’m just a typical middle class urban yuppie making ends meet but I’ll try my best.  Just make sure you search the Notes/Domino forum first. 😀

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